2017 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Rachel Peters

Name: Rachel Louise Peters
Strengths: a socialite face on a killer bod with a very articulate mind. You just cannot ignore that Paulina Vega/ Gabriela Isler body proportion of hers. She has the “Sports Illustrated cum Victoria’s Secret” bod… The fact that she communicates well is another reason to keep this girl on top of our minds.
Weaknesses: angular Caucasian facial features that needs to be softened and ‘Filipina-ized‘. Her features reminded me of Gabriela Isler’s strong angular face during her stint at Miss Venezuela but came more ravishing when she competed in Miss Universe. Rachel would need a styling that would bring out her best features as there is more that can be done to make her look more international with her appeal. She is transformable.

Best Suited for: Miss Universe Philippines, she is perhaps one of the total packages in this batch. She has everything going on for her.
Most Likely will be: either Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental or Miss Universe Philippines. 


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