2017 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Mariel de Leon

: Maria Angelica de Leon

Strengths: she has a face that would launch a thousand ships which is very undeniable. She can do fierce and innocent in photoshoots without batting an eye. Her time off from the pageant scene truly served her well as she looks more ravishing as the competition intensifies.
Weaknesses: her big-boned structure could spell trouble if she doesn’t achieve a healthy balance of curves and musculature. Unlike naturally thin girls (the likes of Miriam Quiambao), Mariel has to know her best poses. And I may suggest a sidewise posing (just like her national costume pose)to make her appear more linear. Mariel also has a more of a timid personality which does not gel well with the ’empowered’ woman that MU is looking for but would fit perfectly well with the mold of a Miss International winner.

Best Suited for: personally I would put her as Binibining Pilipinas International. She is a classically trained opera singer that the Japanese judges might find likeable for Miss International. It also helps that she speaks well in a very polite and refined manner. 
Most Likely will be: the next Binibining Pilipinas International if we are to break the Mikimoto curse. Mariel could easily coast into the semi-finals at Miss International. 


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