How Sirene Sutton Would Change the Binibining Pilipinas Game

Sirene Sutton is not going to be your typical Binibining Pilipinas contender. With her being an independent candidate, she is set to begin a motion something we haven’t seen for a long time: a campless girl possibly winning the Miss Universe Philippines title.

While we have the conventional camp flagbearers warring over the main title in the pageant, we cannot deny the simple fact that Sirene might just be the darkhorse that could possibly snatch the title up under the noses of Rachel Peters and Charmaine Elima. Sirene with her 5’7” frame also has the goods: nice body proportions, a lovely face and international appeal to win the most coveted title in the competition.
Some pageant insiders have whispered in muted conversations that it is no longer a major advantage to belong to a camp (to which we all have strong opinions for or against that) and that the powers-at-be are considering girls with ‘no strings attached’ for the MUP crown. Add to that are rumors that this year is a gonna be a year where camp affiliations won’t matter on the assignment of the main title. Such conspiracy theory could really bring in a major upset in the current status quo.

This would make Sirene a prime candidate that could shake up the competition. Should she win the MUP title, we can see a rise in independent candidates in years to come. She would usher in a wave of how we play the pageant game. She could possibly cement the dependence on the individual glamsquad. She could change the game by opening up doors for those pageant hopefuls who are not accepted by pageant camps. She just could possibly be the next Miss Universe we are look for.


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