Binibining Pilipinas Crown Contenders & Crown Spoilers

Instead of doing a Sashes&Scripts prediction for this year’s Binibining Pilipinas, I thought of doing a different spin on my annual Crown Contender series. This year, I will be talking about 7 girls who I think will be the most likely winners of this batch. 

Of course they aren’t just the only girls that I believe we should be on the look-out for. They might not be the frontrunners nor my prediction faves but these are the strongest underdogs in the batch:
Elizabeth Clenci – the firecracker of the group. Easily crown one of the most worthy underdogs this year.
Arienne Calingo – good things come in small packages. This Miss World Philippines 1st Princess can out-talk anyone in the competition. Don’t let her tiny frame fool you as she could deliver on the finals.
Katarina Rodriguez –  the face of perfection. With a really strong batch this year this girl is expected to make good in the competition. While I still see areas that need improvement, I have no doubt she is going to do well.
Nelda Ibe – this pilot-beauty queen is one of my personal favorites who is flying low in the competition. I am hoping for a placement and hopefully a runner-up or title for her.
Jehza Huelar – last year’s runner up may just well probably be one of this year’s winners. She is channeling similarities in packaging with that of Ariella Arida and that is a proven formula.

Mae Lieze Ramos – package her similarly to how MJ Lastimosa is dressed and she will make a killing. I believe that her best look are simple, unfuzzy and uncomplicated dresses where her beauty shines through. This chick deserves a placement this year…

Now that the crown spoilers are revealed, next thing to do is the list of the crown contenders. The 7 crown contenders that I will be featuring is a mix of personal faves and strong contenders. I have matched them to pageant/s that strategically play to their strengths. You will know them on individual features leading to the finals on the 30th of April…
Put on your seatbelts as I will bring you to a rollercoaster ride as we lead on to the Binibining Pilipinas finals…


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