Trump Models Management Set to Shut Down

It is reported that Donald Trump’s modeling agency is about to close. Leaked emails from its president showed that ‘the Trump organization is focusing on its core businesses: real estate, golf and hospitality’. But this wasn’t probably the main reason as models and agent bookers under the agency are leaving and jumping ship.

A report from The Guradian showed that the agency is battled by industry deflections and boycott:
It has been a troubled time for the New York-based agency bearing the Trump name, which is not exactly a byword for style, joy and beauty. Last week, it was noted that the agency might be “running out of models” as defections grew, not only of their model clients, but of their agency bookers, too.
The highest-profile resignation came from one of the agency’s better-known models, Maggie Rizer, who took to Instagram a few days before the election, to say: “As a woman, a mother, an American and a human being, I cannot wake up Wednesday morning being the least bit related to the Trump brand.” In February, it emerged that the fashion world had mounted an unofficial boycott of models from the agency, with casting directors being told not to hire them.
The agency was established in 1999, several years after Trump acquired the Miss Universe pageant. Last 2015, Trump sold the Miss Universe Org to WME|IMG…so it was no surprise to some insiders that the modeling agency was next to close.

Trump and his modeling agency was under flack during the election after allegations that the agency was hiring models from other countries without visas. A report by UK Business Insider uncovered a couple of models who worked with the New York-based agency who were told to lie to immigration officials. 



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