Justine Pasek: The Miss Universe People Almost Forgot

She was the first Miss Universe winner to ascend to the title after being named as first runner up to the actual winner. Yet for most pageant fans, she always play second fiddle… 

Justine Pasek is the first Miss universe from Panama. She was originally declared second place overall in a pageant that saw Oxana Fedorova of Russia as winner. The 5’7″ brunette beauty is deemed by most pageant fans as inferior in terms of facial beauty to the Russian winner and despite holding the title longer than Oxana (who reigned for only four months), most pageant fans do not recognize Justine as the actual winner for that year. Others may argue that Oxana’s dethronement was a publicity stunt to bolster the pageant’s popularity. While others say that Oxana’s dethronement was a convenient excuse to have a Panamanian winner to handover her title in her hometown. Much has been speculated about it but nothing has been proven. In 2003, Panama hosted the Miss Universe pageant at the Figali Convention Center in Panama City. 

Her crowning was a bit of a understated affair, she was crowned wearing a suit in a press conference. After her appointment as the new winner she traveled to Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Aruba, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. She later relinquished her title to Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic. Last year, she was named as co-director of the Miss Universe Panama organization.
Justine’s rise to the title might have been a historic first for the MUOrg yet one thing is for sure: Justine Pasek just couldn’t live outside the shadow of an Oxana Fedorova.


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