Interview with Binibini #12 Angelique de Leon Pt.1

I have always been supportive of Binibini 12 Angelique de Leon since 2014, now that she is in her third and final try for Binibining Pilipinas I feel that a crown is finally beckoning. For today’s post, we feature our exclusive interview with this lovely 5’8″ beauty from Mandaluyong.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m a strong independent woman who hugs herself to sleep. 😂 Kidding. (Is my joke considered as one sentence?)
On a serious note, I would like to believe that I’m smart, sexy and sassy. I’m smart in a way that I am quick in solving problems at work and in life. (Please don’t ask me math questions). I may not be physically sexy all the time but my wit and my humor is where a lot of people find me sexy. My version of being sassy is in the way I communicate with people. I have a talent of making people feel at ease when I talk to them. I make sure I enter the room like sunshine — I’ll just brighten your day with my sassy comments in life.
2. Why do you think you should be the next Binibining Pilipinas winner?
As Spongebob puts it, “I’m ready! I’m ready!” Although it’s my 3rd time, I still have so much to offer given the chance to represent the country. I will represent it with so much pride and I will work so hard it will beat diamonds in the hardness scale.
3. What are the charitable causes you want to highlight and how do you bring more awareness to them?
I have been an advocate for women empowerment and it has been clear to me that I want to focus on domestic violence against women due to financial dependence. I would like to empower women by letting them discover career and business opportunities that they would enjoy and give them financial freedom and gain respect from their partner and the society.

4. What are you most proud about our country & why?
One of the many things I’m proud of about the Philippines is our smile. We are the happiest people on earth for sure. We always have a reason to smile despite what we go through.
Stay tuned for more of this lovely lady. Part 2 coming very soon!


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