Interview with Binibini #1 Dane Felise Marasigan Pt.1

Sashes&Scripts is able to talk and dig deep with Binibini #1, Dane Felise Marasigan. Don’t let the sweet-face fool you as this lass has a fighter inside that people don’t usually see…

1. In three sentences, how would you describe yourself?

I’m fond of challenges and conquering my fears because it gives me knowledge that would take me one step closer to my dreams. I am a fighter who refuse to give up amidst adversity. And I always strive to be the healthiest, happiest and best version of myself.
2. Why do you think you should be the next Binibining Pilipinas winner?
I should be the next title holder because i’m determined and dedicated to fulfill all the responsibilities of a Binibining Pilipinas queen. I will commit to do my best to represent our country in an international pageant the best way i can. I will devote all my time and effort in bringing honor to our country just like the previous queens and make the whole Filipino nation proud.

3. What are the charitable causes you want to highlight and how do you bring more awareness to them?
My primary advocacy is to create a support group for children with cancer. My older sister died of leukemia when she was 10. She was very depressed when she found out and being depressed worsens cancer. From that experience, my goal is to help patients and family cope with emotional stress. I want to help them feel more hopeful and less depressed.
4. What are you most proud about our country & why?
What I’m most proud about our country are the people. The Filipino people are claimed to be the happiest nation on earth because we have an uncanny ability to find the silver lining despite calamities. We can still smile, laugh and be optimistic. Filipino resiliency is truly inspiring. What makes me even more proud is that Filipinos are always eager to extend a helping hand not only to our countrymen but to all the people in the world. I believe that the true spirit of the Philippines is being compassionate.
Part two coming up soon, so keep posted here in the blog.



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