The Comeback of Bb Pilipinas Gold Heavy Hitters

It is being argued that the most competitive Binibining Pilipinas batch in the past two decades belong to the Bb Pilipinas Gold edition. And this year’s edition sees two from that illustrious batch making a comeback for the top crowns in the pageant.

During the early 2010’s it is rumored that the girls who are assigned with white gowns in the pageant are the girls that are heavy favorites by the powers-at-be for the Miss Universe Philippines title. In that year we saw Mariel de Leon, Charmaine Elima and Ariella Arida in white gowns, to which we saw Ariella romping away with the MUP title. So this year with Mariel de Leon and Charmaine Elima making a comeback in the pageant, can we see them again as possible favorites for the Binibini titles? I am inclined to say yes, but for what title/s? That is the question that we should ask. With 5 titles at stake (that is without counting the Miss Grand International title) it might not be that easy to predict which title/s these two might end up with.

Mariel with her mestiza good looks and Charmaine with her morena features could slug it out for the top two titles in the competition. If we are treated to a ‘last two standing’ scenario, these two can really bring the Big Dome to fever pitch. These are just two of the frontrunners in this year’s competition and if this blogger’s gut feel is right they are among the leaders of the pack. If these two Bb. Pilipinas Gold alums can sustain their frontrunner status until the end of the competition, we might see them with crowns in their heads come coronation night.


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