Denver Hernandez, Mister Universe Philippines 2017

He’s the hunk from the Filipino Community of Italy and he is your Mister Universe Philippines 2017!

Meet the 22-year old Denver Hernandez. This 5’10 who works as a waiter in Italy hoping to study Fitness Coaching in the near future. This foreignoy was the heavy favorite to win during the Mister Philippines competition weeks ago. This baby-faced hunk can still improve his chances with some workouts to bring out more definition on the abs area. Proper styling could also make him look like a six footer specially with his well balanced body proportions. This hunk has lots of potential and hopefully gets prepared fully by the time of his competition.  

Currently, the new winner is back in Italy for a short R&R before he gears up for the Men Universe Model competition in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. His competition is slated to be on June 7 until 17th with at least 22 other confirmed competitors for the title. The last time that the Philippines made it into the semis was in 2015 with Mike Gerard Mendoza.
We can all help Denver by voting for him via the online poll where he is currently at 2nd place. Spread the word to everyone and its time to help our own…


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