The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Jag Jeans Review

Upon the release of the Binibining Pilipinas Jag Jeans videos (and losing major sleep in the process), Sashes&Scripts has come up with 15 videos that stood out from the rest.

The Good
Elizabeth Clenci – strong video, she is slowly making a bigger mark in the competition.
Joselle Mariano – when this girl does fierce, she shoots immediately to the top of my list. I was right to say that she looks great with a smirk than a full blown smile.
Maria Gail Tobes – gave good face in the vid and was channeling a sexy Maxine Medina vibes.
Christagale Borja – with her long legs, she managed to make the Jag Long Leg jeans look short. She nailed the walk and her projection hit the mark well enough to be on the ‘good’ list.
Jehza Huelar – the strong eyes have been her trademark of late and she surely knows how to work it. Her vid shows why she is still a contender.
Ruffa Nava – she was exquisite in her Jag video. Kudos to her for sporting a ponytail to showcase her swanlike neck and her lovely features.
Liezel Ramos – what can I say, she looks great in motion. Her best assets are those piercing eyes. I just wished she didn’t put those hands on the jeans while walking.
Angelique de Leon – showed some sexy side to her. Plus she walked well and she projected well, I just hoped she had her hair in a ponytail to show more of her face. 

The Less-than-Stellar
Katarina Rodriguez – perfection when it comes to overall projection but her waterloo is the walk. Had she mastered the walk, she would have been in my top 3 videos list…
Mariel de Leon – the walk looked awkward but the face was divine. She looked heavy and struggling in the video, thankfully she can always rely on that heavenly face of hers to save it.
Chanel Olive Thomas – she delivered a memorable performance, not top of the line but surely not forgettable. I just wish her twirl was stronger to book this vid solid.
Dindi Pajares – she looked tired in this video, like something is off and it shows in her eyes. A little more concealer on the eye and perhaps a bit more energy from the eyes would have saved her video.

The Best Jag Jeans video
Charmaine Elima – one of the strong videos in the batch. She has a universally gorgeous face that could sell any product and she just did that with the Jag jeans.
Rachel Peters – is it just me or Rachel’s legs looked impossibly long in this vid? Nevertheless she delivered a solid performance here. Plus that twirl on the catwalk was flawless.
Sirene Sutton – this girl might just win the Jag Jeans award for her video! She registered well, had a strong walk and it was genius of her to wear nude heels. She was impeccable.


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