Bb Pilipinas 2017 National Costume Review

In all honesty, I wasn’t supposed to write up a national costume review this year. However upon reading a pseudo-fashionista’s review of the supposed “best” this year, I thought everyone might benefit from a perspective from one who studied fashion, had and still has a career in fashion, knows how to drape/pattern/construct clothing, has shown in the Philippine Fashion Week and one whose perspective on fashion is not from the ‘outside looking in‘. Here’s a true perspective from someone that has been in the fashion industry since studying Clothing Technology in the University of the Philippines…

The Good
Looks like a majority of the candidates had leveled up their national costumes this year. I don’t see any tacky looking ternos or costumes this year. There are those that stuck with the tried and tested formula of elegance and refined taste, while others tried the ‘cultural significance’ route…but most looked spectacular in their costumes. 
I will not say who had the best out of delicadeza being one that co-designed Charmaine Elima’s terno. However, I should say that my other favorites were those worn by Dane Felise Marasigan, Angelique de Leon, Gillian Eliza Colcol and Christagale Borja. I would also give a shoutout to Sirene Sutton for her fashion pushing avant garde terno despite some people being on the fence whether they liked it or not. It was a risky move, not sure if it did pay off as Binibining Pilipinas might not necessarily be the best avenue for this kind of risk.
The Bad
Did anybody noticed how uncannily long the legs of the ladies in their national costumes? Well, for the untrained eye, these looked fabulous, but for those that work with images and image editing for a living they looked disproportionate. I am most unfortunate to notice the stretching of the lower legs in most candidates owing to some roses and other props looking ‘weirdly stretched out‘. When doing photo-manipulations like these, the graphic artists needs to make sure that rounded shapes are kept in proportion and not looking elongated.
Another thing that I noticed is that there were several ternos that looked a bit dated with the high contrast appliques/embellishments on their costumes that did not achieve design harmony. The high contrast color matching was good last year, but fashion changes and it looked dated this year. No need to mention whose costumes I am referring to though… to protect the names of the fashionably guilty…

The stretching is visibly obvious in Carla Malpaya’s photo, just look at how the roses are…

The Fabulous!
The set design is so faboosh! The gold frames and the vintage chandeliers really amped up the glam factor for this shoot. It provided the essential mood and ambiance to set up the entire shoot. I particularly liked the wax candles, pearls and the rose touches in the set, it gave some kind of Louis XIV vibe into the finished photos (Edited: thanks for noticing the typo error). The only missing perhaps in the set are those white gilded baroque walls to truly capture the Versailles feeling on the set. Kudos to the set designer Marc Santos for dreaming up this confection. 
I would also like to give a shout out to photographer Raymond Saldana for the nice dramatic lighting on the photos. despite the ‘stretching’ issue, the overall impact of the pictures were actually very dramatic. I really am liking the play on the shadows and light in most pictures as it added a little more drama.


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