Binibini #36 Gillian Eliza Colcol in Manny Halasan

Despite being a replacement candidate, Binibini #36 Gillian Eliza Colcol manages to surprise us with a very ‘old world couture’ evoking  Philippine terno from Manny Halasan. This ‘Sampaguita’ themed terno is one of my favorites in the national costumes worn by the candidates this year.

The terno as described by the designer in his Instagram:
The Modern Terno is made in gray color which defines Maturity and Resposibility, strongly signifies how empowering a Modern Filipina is today. The gown was perfectly embellished with Swarovski Crystals and touches of Sampaguita flowers. (“Sampaguita” was came from Filipino words “Sumpa Kita” meaning “I Promise You”. It also symbolizes love, purity, devotion, dedication, strength and fidelity)

What I truly liked about this Philippine terno is the masterful and methodological way of the swags and flounces are done. It actually reminds me of old Filipino couture master’s work like those of Joe Salazar or Inno Sotto. It does not have to rely on the brash and shock tactics of the other costumes.


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