Best OBB Photos of Bb. Pilipinas 2017

Sometimes some girls truly peak at the most opportune moments as evidenced by four ladies who had the best OBB photos from the ABS-CBN shoot…
But before we name the best, let’s give a shout out to these ladies who nailed their shots as well:
7. Dindi Pajares
6. Maria Gail Tobes
5. Elizabeth Clenci

Now on to the best photos…
4. Rachel Peters – despite a pose that didn’t flatter the dress she was wearing, Rachel’s money shot was the face. IMHO, this was what carried the entire pic.
3. Mariel de Leon – that dark eye makeup is truly working for her. Doesn’t hurt that hers is one of the most photogenic faces in her batch. 
2. Angelique de Leon – the hat, dress and the face…all styled impeccable! No wonder she is the lead photo in the BBP Facebook album. She is a close second to Sirene’s pic IMHO.
1. Sirene Sutton
– best pic hands down! Perfection in this shot. She looked effortless in her photo that it drowns out everybody else’s

As an added bonus, check out the videos of the ladies in their ABC-CBN commercial….



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