#Binibini 24 Dindi Pajares’ Unfinished Mark Bumgarner Terno

One of the glaring national costume photos that were posted was Binibini 24 Dindi Pajares’. Apparently the Philippine terno she wore was still yet to be finished but was photographed as it was. If you can notice the terno, it only had one white embellished sleeves. According to insiders, the photoshoot of the ladies happened during the fitting of the national costumes.

While I cannot find fault on whose responsibility it should fall on, I nevertheless applaud Dindi for being able to carry the costume during the shoot. Even with a bare national costume, she still managed to save the shot with her facial expression. Despite what most people would say, I actually like her terno unfinished… although I would have styled it with a gold waist belt and a single gold bangle/ arm band to pump up the outfit. I would have hoped that they were allowed to “style” up the terno during the shoot as it would have made a huge difference for Dindi.


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