Sashes&Scripts 2nd Binibining Pilipinas 2017 LeaderBoard

After several Binibining Pilipinas activities (charity visit, PAWS, etc…) and the recent unveiling of their swimsuit and national costume portraits, it is time to release the Sashes&Scripts’ Binibining Pilipinas 2017 second leader board.

The Honorable Mentions
12. Arienne Calingo
11. Katarina Rodriguez
10. Maria Gail Tobes
9. Jehza Huelar
8. Elizabeth Clenci
The BETAS – still a mix of the front runners and underdogs. A possible shake up can happen later as the competition progresses. 
7. Dindi Pajares
6. Angelique de Leon

5. Christagale Borja
4. Charmaine Elima
The ALPHAS – they still are the leaders of the pack and during public appearances, they continue to cement their lead over the others. 
3. Sirene Sutton
2. Rachel Peters
1. Mariel de Leon


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