RUMOR MILL! MU & MW to Happen in December?

Published several days ago, Sashes&Scripts have revealed that the possible date for the Miss World pageant might be on the 2nd of December. But the juicy part is that the Miss Universe might also happen during the same month, on December 17th! Surely a clash between the two rival pageants is gonna heat up!!!

Sanya, China is to host the Miss World pageant (yet again for the 7th time) while according to some of our moles the Miss Universe is still being ironed out to be hosted in Australia (although Las Vegas might be the default venue if it does not push thru). The dates have not yet been confirmed but the two rival pageants are said to go head to head come December. If such is the case, countries like Russia and South Africa would have to make a selection where their main winner would have to participate in.

But more than that, a possible repeat of what happened in 2015 might occur. During that time, the whole pageant community has fixed their eyes on what was happening in Las Vegas than the coronation happening in Sanya (then came the infamous glib of announcing the wrong winner which buried the Miss World pageant in terms of publicity). Could that same scenario happen again this year?


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