Will you Wear Design Studio by Oxana Fedorova?

Miss Universe, Policewoman, Model, Actress, TV Host/ Presenter… is there anything to add in the list of careers for former beauty queen Oxana Fedorova? Apparently yes, the former Russian Miss Universe has launched her own clothing label, Design Studio by Oxana Fedorova…

Here is is what the former Miss Universe had to say in an interview by Dena Silver for Observer.com when asked about her design philosophy and aesthetics:
The fashion business came into my life, of course from modeling, but also because of Miss Universe. But when I was pregnant the second time I wasn’t feeling so good, so I had to stay at home. As a person, I am very active and I needed to do something. At that time I realized that I should design something for women to feel modern, but also comfortable in her clothes. Fashion is the main basis of my philosophy, but I wanted to make these clothes available to many women. The price is very important to me, so we make sure it’s not too high and not too low. It’s affordable, but it’s good quality.

Her own designer label has been present on the Russian market for 6 seasons now and she shows her collection twice a year at the Mercedes-Benz Moscow Fashion Week. While not all Miss Universe winners move on towards entrepreneurship, Oxana has managed to channel her celebrity status to a successful business venture so far. She dresses Russian women to look and feel more confident in themselves without having to sacrifice comfort and aesthetics.
Wouldn’t it be good to wear something that a Miss Universe winner designed?


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