The Best Binibining Pilipinas Swimsuit Pics

Yesterday, the Binibining Pilipinas page released 39 official swimsuit photos for the online part of the Miss Photogenic award. Although I have some pageant friends who didn’t like the minimalist approach to this shoot, I am actually liking the overall theme. But perhaps I may suggest not wearing black swimsuits as dusky morena beauties like Jamaica Ambal and Charmaine Elima  would not look flattering on this color. Today Sashes&Scripts picks the 10 best shots from the roster of 39…
Before we list the 10 best, I’d like to mention a couple of Binibinis that I think could have done better in their swimsuit pics:

Mariel de Leon – her photo looked ‘airbrushed to perfection’ that even her divine face couldn’t save it. For one who has worked in the fashion industry for more than a decade, I’ve seen the practice of airbrushing done to create an image… but it looked like it was overly done on certain areas (though not on the face) of Mariel’s photo.
Charmaine Elima – she just stood there. This girl can do better as I’ve seen it before. Her photo also lacked re-touching IMHO. Thankfully she has a lovely face that saves it from being a bad pic…

On to the 10 best pics….
10. Karla Manongsong – a surprise in the list as her photo was actually reminiscent of Janine Tugonon at some angles. That jawline and the pursing of her lips was perfect!

9. Liezel Ramos – on shoots like this, that’s when she shines. It was good to see that her photo had dialed down the sexpot image and that she gave a strong eye. Not quite sure on the contrast editing of the photo but the photo was okay overall…
8. Ruffa Nava – another girl who does not disappoint when it comes to her photos. She has stunning facial features and she knows how to put it to good use.

7. Sirene Sutton – I am beginning to get tired with her open mouth pout she seems to favor in shoots. Nevertheless she delivered in this shot.
6. Nelda Ibe – her body positioning was good to start off so that any edits will look minimal. The money shot though was the facial expression, the way she stared out and opened her lips a bit, that was what made the pic a good one.
5. Joselle Mariano – dang, she was a revelation on her shot… This lady looks better when she does a smirk rather than smiling with exposed teeth. The way she positioned her body in an ‘S’ like curve was a stroke of genius.
4. Ana Patricia Asturias – another surprise who made my list. Girl made that awkward pose look effortless and the angles made by her face was great enough to put her into my list.

3.  Dindi Pajares – this girl worked her best angles in this pic. After a rough start, I am expecting that Dindi would start bringing on the heat after this pictorial.
2. Katarina Rodriguez – being an alum of a modeling reality show, I am expecting her never to fail a photoshoot… and she did splendidly in this one. The face and the body angles was on point.
1. Rachel Peters – she owned this photoshoot! I’ve said it once and I’m saying over and over: Rachel has the body of past MU winners Paulina Vega and Gabriela Isler. This is actually the 2nd time that she placed #1 in my list. She looked luminous and radiant in this shot!


2 thoughts on “The Best Binibining Pilipinas Swimsuit Pics”

  1. Idk where the “I am beginning to get tired with her open mouth pout she seems to favor in shoots.” comment on Sirene’s photo came from when on her 2 previous official bb shot, she wasn’t opening nor was she pouting her lips like that on her swimsuit shot. I agree, tho, that she slayed the photo.


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