#FashionFridays: Building Your Binibining Pilipinas Glamsquad

Its Binibining Pilipinas season and if you haven’t build up your glamsquad then you are lucky because today we will feature how to build your own… so get your pens and papers out as we roll-call the key people that should comprise your pageant glamsquad…

First off is to identify your national costume and/or evening gown designer. These two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, they could be two different designers whose design forte may depend on what you are looking for your national costume and gown. The national costume might go towards the local ethno-linguistic groups or it may go Colonial/ Hispanic attires or go towards the traditional Filipiniana. Evening gowns are traditionally the beaded lace and satins but you have to consider a designer who would know how to translate your personal style from sketch into reality.
Now you have to remember that your daily wardrobe may come from different sources: they can be loans from designers, personally bought outfits and dresses, or borrowed from friends and family. Either way you have to remember that it is just as important to pay attention to your day wardrobe as these items would stock up in term of expenses. So it would be good to establish relationships with designers whose forte are creating day wardrobes/ dresses.
Dresses and Gowns
Pablo Galicia Mendez –
Lou Vella –
Jian Lasala –
Rau Uson –
Eric Ranada –

Next to consider is your outfit add-ons like jewelry and shoes. Remember that there are not a lot of resources for these two so you should really hold on to them once you find them. It is important to have chic jewelry that matches your daily outfits whenever you go out for any pageant related activity. But you have to match the entire outfit to the type of activity and the same goes with the jewelry. It is a basic item to own a simple stud earring (in pearl, diamante or gold), large hoop earrings and a chandelier/ shoulder sweeper to match the evening gown.
Shoes are very important part of the pageant wardrobe as you would find yourself between 3-8 hours a day in them…some times even longer. So invest on a good pair, scratch that make it several pairs (in nude, black and white). Because you gotta have more than one as you would probably use them in most occasions. Make a mental note that you should wear shoes with the same color as your gown, wearing your nude color heels might not always be the best for the gown segment. And always remember that nude comes in different hues, so ask your show designer to find a nude shade that closely matches your skin tone as possible.
Shoes and Accessories
Christopher Munar –
Nereku – 

Jojo Bragais – 
Shandar Shoes –

It is also a good idea to have a makeup artist and hairstylist as part of your go-to team. When some camps do have several of them on stand-by, you should have your own if such is not provided. Of course it would be ideal if you can do your own hair and make up even if they are just the basic ones. But you gotta have some to help you out first so always find those that you can communicate on and collaborate with. Remember that you should be comfortable working with them so that you get the best results and always know beforehand the type of make up that you want to go for that day/ocassion.
Makeup Artist
Turmeric Balili
Richmond Rondolo
Bekbek Vasquez

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