The Pressure on the Miss Universe Philippines

The 2010’s will come down in Philippine pageant history as the ‘winning-est’ decade of the country in Miss Universe.

While the previous decade ended up with a full list of non-placements, the 2010’s so far has been quite the opposite. This decade has produced one Miss Universe winner, 4 runners up, a top 6 placement and a top 10 semi-finalist so far. So it is no understatement that the next Miss Universe Philippines will definitely feel the immense pressure to continue such winning streak. Despite a strong showing, the Philippines cannot afford to be complacent, because this decade has shown a change in what the Miss Universe pageant is looking for in a winner. In fact we cannot allow past laurels to sidetrack us, as even a beauty pageant powerhouse like Venezuela despite sending a strong delegate managed to miss the first cut.

If the saying that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” then you can grasp the enormity of the pressure on the next Miss Universe Philippines. She cannot afford to be the link that will break the chain of placements that we have been enjoying so far.
The Next MUP winners have to check all the boxes that we all require from her: she must be articulate and smart, quick witted with a full grasp on current issues and world events. She must be physically fit with good body proportions. She should have a face that could launch a thousand ships, that might be an exaggeration but the next winner have be be facially gorgeous…not just Filipina gorgeous but international-standards gorgeous. She has to be marketable to the international community just as she is sell-able to the Philippine market. She has to posses the heart to serve and at the same time the nerves of steel to endure all these expectations from 103 million Filipinos.

Hence the Binibining Pilipinas candidates aspiring to be the next in line to Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Ariella, MJ, Pia and Maxine must be ready to tackle on the challenges ahead. It is not that easy to be Miss Universe Philippines…

Update (01:00am, July 8, 2017): Crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters is at a unique position of continuing the streak in Miss Universe. The 5’10” stunner from Camarines Sur has started her training for the pageant. She seems to tick all boxes: smart and articulate, gorgeous face, body beautiful, strong presence and marketable… It would be interesting to see how she fares in the international pageant later this year.


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