A Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation Wishlist

Since the Binibining Pilipinas press presentation has been moved from it’s original date (March 15 to March 22nd), I thought it might be something worthwhile to post my press presentation Wishlist.

I thought about these sometime ago but this is the only time that I blogged about them. Here are my three wishlist/ changes I hope to happen in the next Binibining Pilipinas press presentation…

1. I wish that instead of swimsuit all of the 40 candidates would be outfitted in similarly designed cocktail dresses (ala Sherri Hill) for the press presentation. This way, we would be seeing the girls more comfortably and would avoid having girls wear swimsuit when they are still not physically fit to pageant standards. Besides the Parade of Beauties around Cubao will feature the girls wearing swimsuits anyway. I thought that there might be less element of surprise upon seeing the girls strut their stuff in swimsuits at the press presentation.

2. Each candidate would introduce themselves in front of the media using this format: Name – Age – profession – City/ Place she is representing  – short introduction of herself. It will allow the press to get to know the girls a little more that way and would definitely allow the press to have a starting point for conversations later. It will also allow the girls to create their own spiel for the introduction and will less likely get remembered because of it.
3. It would also be a good idea to have a media junket following the press presentation. This is where the media would be able to interview the girls that they want to feature in their respective publications and stations. The BPCI can do this in the style of the Miss Universe junket wherein the media is free to submit names of the girls that they want to interview.

It might be presumptuous of me to suggest this to the powers at be of Binibining Pilipinas but I believe that such changes will be for the improvement of the press presentation. It will make the overall pageant even more exciting and the fans are treated with finding out who among the girls are truly blessed with the gift of the gab…


2 thoughts on “A Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation Wishlist”

  1. I like you wish very much. I also think a press presntation in an elegant cocktail dress is alot more classy than showing a lot of flesh (something that pageants have been criticised for, especially in these times of women empowerment, when women’s worth go beyond what eyes merely can behold.


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