Miss Universe Philippines 2017: a Battle Between 2 British-Filipinas?

Despite having less buzz in social media, is the Miss Universe Philippines title being fought early on by only two names: Sirene Sutton and Rachel Peters?

The two ladies Sirene and Rachel do not enjoy the same popularity online as compared to the likes of Katarina Rodriguez and Charmaine Elima, but they are by far two of the ladies who are silently being buzzed as possible frontrunners for the Miss Universe Philippines title. These two have more than a couple of similarities: both are blessed with good genes being British-Filipina. Both girls stand at the enviable heights of 5’9″ (Sirene) and 5’10” (Rachel), and with that height comes with one of the better body proportions…that means short torsos with legs that go on for miles. Both girls are more than adequate speakers, if not one of the girls who could easily convey their thoughts eloquently. And if the rumors of interviews having a bigger chunk in the judging process, then we can safely assume that these girls would take a lion’s share in that area. In terms of facial beauty, these girls just as equally blessed in that department albeit Sirene needs to add a little Filipina flavor to her styling and Rachel has to soften her features to suit the main title.

It is still too early to tell if it will be Sirene versus Rachel for the final two in the pageant, but we can be assured that from underdogs they will be cementing their status as frontrunners in the weeks to come.


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