Katarina & Sirene: Model Behaviour

If there is one thing that Katarina Rodriguez and Sirene Sutton have over several Binibining Pilipinas candidates is that both girls are models and have built in a network of fashion professionals to help them out.

At this point in the competition, having a personal glamsquad is more than just an added help, it is beginning to become a lifeline for most girls who needs extra attention due to the gruelling demands of the pageant activities.
Being models who have worked in the fashion industry both girls have ammassed connections from makeup artists, hairstylists, designer, fashion stylists, photographers and creative directors that will make sure every public appearance and every photoshoot is thoroughly taken cared off. This is easily an added advantage as their national costumes and evening gowns will definitely be coming from the country’s topnotch designers who have the means to dress them up in the most fabulous outfits.
Katarina who has banked on her Asia’s Next Topmodel stint enjoys a popularity over other candidates in the competition. Sirene, who is signed with Mercator modeling agency under Jonas Gaffud, has been to numerous shoots and runway gigs that strutting her way in the ramp has become second nature. 

Aside from their modeling background, these two girls adds some spice with their personalities. Something that is required to have in the competition. Having mingled with numerous people in the fashion industry, some with harsher attitude than others, these two could navigate through the mental roadblocks in the pageant…as it requires a thick skin to survive the modeling world. If the Binibining Pilipinas pageant is likened to a game of mental toughness, then these two models would survive just fine… 


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