Sashes&Scripts’ Magnificent 7: My Early Faves

If I were to pick the 10 ladies I consider as my favorites for the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 pageant, I would unequivocally name these girls (in alphabetical order): Christagale Borja, Angelique de Leon, Mariel de Leon, Nelda Ibe, Charmaine Elima, Dindi Pajares, Rachel Peters, Liezel Ramos, Katarina Rodriguez and Sirene Sutton. I never paid any attention to the camp affiliations of the girls, I was more concerned with their potential and their overall ‘presence’ to come up with this list…hence you will find name/s that you won’t necessarily agree with.

But before I reveal my Magnificent 7, here are three girls completing my early top 10 are Christa Borja, Liezel Ramos and Dindi Pajares. The three girls are my “most likely to rock it”. All three ladies are within my peripheral vision and I am likely to believe that these could easily be the silent threats in their batch.
Now on to my Magnificent 7… It may be too early as of yet to say that these seven ladies are gonna go home with the major titles at hand, but I see them as the early frontrunners in the competition. Some would not necessarily agree with my top 7 choices but here are my reasons for these picks…

Angelique de Leon – her transformation might be drastic for some but you cannot deny the spunk and personality of this lady. While she may have dialed that down, she has shown nevertheless a more serious side of her personality.  She has one of the trademark pasarela with her hip movement and is one of the wittiest girls I had the luck to have met.
Mariel de Leon – well-mannered and from a ‘de buena familia’ all the right ingredients to be noticed by the powers at be in BPCI. Insiders believe that she is among the girls who are pegged to be favorites for one of the titles. Mariel has a face that could not be ignored although her body could still be improved.
Nelda Ibe – this Miss World Philippines runner up is darkhorse to watchout for. The 5’9″ MWP crossover is one of the girls I am anticipating to do very well in the competition. Nelda has a very interesting resume, in a bumper crop of flight stewardesses she stands out being a licensed pilot.
Katarina Rodriguez – one of the most followed girls in the competition. In fact she is arguably the girl with the most online Filipino fans in this year’s batch. Smart and blessed with an interesting face, she just might be one of the top girls to win a crown.

Charmaine Elima – a comeback that has been waiting for by pageant fans since 2014. The dusky beauty is being pegged to win any of the titles from Miss Universe Philippines down to Binibining Pilipinas Globe. Her styling currently is reminiscent of former Miss Venezuela Ly Jonaitis but based on experience, this lass from Binangonan, Rizal can pull off multitude of looks.
Rachel Peters – to ignore this lady is to be blind. She possess the height, the brains and beauty to represent the Philippines in an international competition. I can unequivocally say that she is the ‘body’ of this year’s competition… “la cuerpo perfecta” in terms of her body proportions that is reminiscent of that of Gabriela Isler and Mariam Habach.
Sirene Sutton – she is ‘the face’ of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas competition. Sirene has the look that any Pinoy pageant follower could love. Her meztiza good looks plus her modeling background effectively makes her a threat to any of this year’s candidates.
I may not convince you on my personal early picks but it sure got your attention. I am quite sure that you will be paying more attention to these ladies from now on…


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