Sirene Sutton: The Binibining Pilipinas #GameChanger

Sirene Sutton is one special lady in this year’s batch. Mercator model and currently Binibining Pilipinas official candidate Sirene Sutton has maintained being an independent candidate despite rumors of being under the Aces & Queens camp. It is easy to commit that mistake because Mercator is also under A&Q’s Jonas Gaffud.  

Sirene is no stranger to beauty pageants as she was 1st runner up in Miss Global Philippines 2014. This, however, will be her first time to compete in Binibini.
The 5’7″ British-Filipina stunner, should she win one of the titles, would also usher in a wave of more independent girls joining the pageant… she is making a statement the fact that she is going at the pageant as an independent, showcasing how her own glamsquad is sufficient enough without the aid of a camp. With that in mind, it will clearly illustrate that the pageant camp system in the Philippines will be getting serious competition as the individual glamsquad of the girls grows in strength. Not saying that the camp system is going obsolete but it will usher doors for more glamsquads to appear, and more independents possibly getting more exposure in the future.

This is how Sirene is shaping up to be the game changer in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant. And being an independent candidate is surely going to be very interesting to the powers at be in Binibining Pilipinas as they would be having a girl in their roster without any ‘strings attached’… it is possible that with the tug-of-war between pageant camps in the country, Sirene might just be the one to break that system…
And that is what you call a #GameChanger…


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