BBP2017 Review of My Favorite Web Interviews

The Binibining Pilipinas Facebook page have already uploaded videos of the web interviews of the 40 official candidates. I have watched them one by one at this point and I found that the quality of the web interviews have upgraded compared to past years. The video interviews are divided into 4 parts: the quick pasarela, their personal introduction, then the short q&a, and finally the promotional spiel to follow their journey in socmed. Most of the girls came in prepared with a spiel on their personal introductions before picking a question to answer. Each of the girls gave the best responses they could have, while others had to pause and take a moment (you can see on the shift in the videos) others went directly to the question in one take. 
While it may be difficult to gauge who was the best in the web interviews (we might not know how many takes did the girls have to do or what was left out on the editing room), I can name several ladies who I thought did well based on their videos. My basis on my selection are their spontaneity, personality, delivery and tone of voice (which is important in conveying a message). It only takes around 40 seconds to make an impression and the 1 minute video interviews, there are certainly several girls that stood out from the rest…

Angelique de Leon – she looked serious in her video interview and downplayed her cheery upbeat personality. She was trying to showcase a more serious side of her and I think this is a bit different from what we previously saw from her.
Maria Angelica de Leon – she came of as sweet and unrehearsed. I just wished that she shown more of her personality and a little more energy in the video. Her hand movements are refined for my taste and it works well for her.
Sirene Sutton – her introduction came in strong but the q&a was a bit pageant patty in its content… no hate there just a critique to improve next time. Her delivery was very well done though and that compensates for it.
Dindi & Kimberly Pajares – I would have to admit that in terms of content Kimberly has the advantage, while in terms of delivery Dindi had it in the bag. I didn’t mind some grammar lapses by Dindi as her delivery was flawless. Kimberly on the other hand has to control how she smiles while talking as it could come off as rehearsed.
Nelda Ibe – She started off strong but she should not have to repeat what she had said in her intro on the q&a. What should have done was to expound further what it meant for her to be a female pilot and how it means to be a female in a male dominated profession.
Katarina Rodriguez – she actually is among the best in the video interviews in terms of content and delivery. She speaks more like a host IMHO. All she needs to do is control those more-than-necessary hand movements as they were a bit distracting.
Rachel Peters – IMHO the best video interview in this batch. I think the video editors dispensed off the q&a due to her strong introductory spiel, her delivery was good too. She sounded unrehearsed and spontaneous. My only comment is the side eye glances she was doing during the promo/plug spiel of the web interview…it was noticeable and a bit distracting.
Charmaine Elima – she looked like she was having fun the interview. I also noticed that she has several jaw mannerisms when she speaks and that needs to be softened as it looks stiff. I do think she was one of the best in the web interviews.
Christa Borja – one of the girls with impressive speaking skills during the web interviews. Being London educated surely helped her be comfortable with speaking in English and this definitely showed in her delivery. Keep an eye for this one…
Arienne Calingo – she had a strong delivery from start to finish. My only concern is that she didn’t come across as approachable and warm in her web vid, she actually was a bit intimidating. If she is able to address that, then all will be perfect.
Chanel Olive Thomas – did very well in the web interview and came across as personable and lively. My only critic is for her to dial down her Aussie accent to that it does not intimidate or alienate some fans…not all fans are confident to verbally spar with beauty queens with audible foreign accents. She has to be more relatable as a Filipina.
Mae Liezel Ramos – her video interview left me wanting more… She sounded very well with her intonations but she could have expounded her answers a bit specially on the q&a part. I agree that she was direct to the point but it would have made a stronger impression had she lengthened her responses a little bit more.

There were other girls that I expected to do well in the web interview but they didn’t leave me with a lasting impression. Only these 13 ladies left a mark to me, and that for me is important because any Binibining Pilipinas hopeful that did’t leave an impact (whether good or bad) is not gonna help in the long run. The girls have to avoid being forgettable specially in the web interviews because that shows a glimpse of their personalities. 


3 thoughts on “BBP2017 Review of My Favorite Web Interviews”

  1. I honestly think the best Web Interview was Elizabeth Clenci’s. I liked her intro as though she was saying “I joined Binibini in 2011 and I am back for vengeance!” 😊 She is effortlessly articulate; did not look and sound rehearsed, unlike many of the girls who obviously have memorized spiels. She gave a simple answer, expounded on it, but still on point. If she makes it to the Q&A round come finals night, she definitely will nail it!


    1. I agree, I should have included Elizabeth in my list… I just went with my gut on those that gave me recall after watching all of the 40 videos… despite Elizabeth’s strong web interview, she didn’t bring a strong impression on me to remember her…but that is a mistake I won’t likely to repeat in the future…


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