Third Times’ a Charm: Angelique de Leon & Liezel Ramos

Mary Jean Lastimosa and Pia Wurtzbach tried their luck three times in Binibining Pilipinas… so can these two highly anticipated ladies, Angelique de Leon and Liezel Ramos, follow in their footsteps?

In all honesty, I am taken aback that these two ladies haven’t won a title in Binibining Pilipinas yet. In fact I think these two girls are one of the unjustly ignored girls in previous editions.
Angelique is one of my faves last year and that was no secret to all. I have met this girl who is full of spunk and pizzazz, something that I found lacking on several girls who looked flat in terms of personality. Angee, as she is lovingly nicknamed, is full of it. Then we have Liezel Ramos who just oozes with sex appeal and that might have been both a blessing and a curse. She just oozes with sexiness without even trying. I hope that her mentors at Kagandahang Flores have found a way to dial that down and showcase more of her achievements and personality. Didn’t you know that she is a diving instructor? Well, that could be a start off point of  her packaging.

I hope that these two KF girls would have more luck this time as they have the qualities to be winners. Hopefully this time, their transformations will be to their advantage…  


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