Pageant Age: Move to 29 years old Age Limit (?)

Miss International pushed their age limits to 25 a couple of years ago, Miss World pushed their age requirements to 27 last year, Miss Universe is confirmed to have moved the maximum age requirement to 28 earlier this year….

Earlier during the Binibining Pilipinas screenings Miss Earth-Air 2012 Stephany Stephanowitz was removed from the roster of screnees due to her age (Bb Pilipinas only accepts up to ceiling age of 26, Stephany was 27). With this talk of age requirements, I thought it is high time to write about my thoughts on the ceiling age for pageants.

One of the oldest Miss Universe to win the title was Brook Mahaelani Lee of the US. The Hawaii native was already 27 years old when she won the title in Miami and became one of the most celebrated winners of the pageant’s history. In the recent history of the Miss World pageant, a standing rumor has it that no pageant girl at the age of 25 will ever win the title. One of the youngest to ever win the Miss International title was Melanie Marquez at the age of 15 years old (alleged age). While I have no qualms crowning winners in their 20’s, it is my opinion that the ceiling age for pageants should be pushed to 29 years old on the year that they are competing for the international title. Why is that so?

It is simply because women who are past 25 years have more maturity and more focus in their careers. Women on those ages have achieved something on their professional and personal lives and have a better understanding of life and the celebrity that follows. They are most probably to treat the duties and responsibilities of the title with utmost respect.
Miss USA 2015 and Miss Universe 2nd runner up Olivia Jordan sums it all nicely in one statement: No to Ageism.


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