Keysi and Rosangelica: Venezuela’s Revenge Girls

Looking at the most recent photos of Keysi Sayago and Rosangelica Piscitelli, I am inclined to believe that the way on how Osmel Sousa is prepping up his girls for international competitions are now evolving.
After a humiliating triple non-placement of all his Miss Venezuela girls at their respective international competitions, it seems that the beauty pageant Czar is back in his feet with these two ladies. The latest pictorial of Keysi Sayago in a crisp white shirt and jeans indicates a lightness that is rarely seen on most Venezuelan reps to Miss Universe. Keysi’s background as the third Venezuelan woman of color to win the title is also a jumping point for dialogue especially with the pageant Czar’s past statement that ‘black girls in Venezuela aren’t pretty’.

Then we have the freshness that Rosangelica has been channeling on her latest Instagram posts. Some pageant pundits are quick to notice that she has resemblance with Miss International 2015 Edymar Martinez. If she takes a page from Edymar’s gameplan, the 8th MI title for Venezuela could not be far behind. Hopefully, the light makeup is something that would be in her strategies in full contrast of Jessica Duarte last year.

These two ladies seems to show that Venezuela is back in the right course. They may have been unsuccessful last year but they are ready to bounce back. Remember Venezuela is still Venezuela.


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