Binibining Pilipinas 2017: a Year for Repeaters and Crossovers Pt2

Last February 4, I have written a post on the scenario that pageant repeaters and crossovers are most likely to be the ones who will be dominating the applicants of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas. Lo and behold, that scenario seems to be what is happening.

Pageant repeaters like Angelique de Leon, Charmaine Elima, Sarah Asido, Mariel de Leon, Jennyline Carla Malpaya and Liezel Ramos have the added advantage of the previous experience at the national pageant. Although the pageant might not necessarily be a walk in the park, they nevertheless know what to expect in their 2nd/third try at the pageant. Their past experience can be used to build up their gameplan as they seek a title this time around. Not to mention their followers who are eagerly awaiting for their comeback and are more likely to show visible (and perhaps audible support) come pageant proper. The machinery of having a loyal fan following is an indicator of what to expect in the international competitions ahead, if they are crowned.
Pageant crossovers from other established national competitions (like Miss Philippines Earth and Miss World Philippines) like Nelda Ibe, Rachel Peters, Chanel Olive Thomas, Ruffa Nava and Arienne Louise Calingo definitely know beforehand how it is to compete at a national stage. They do not, however, have tasted the level of competitiveness at Binibini. While they may have advantage over newbies participating in the competition, they still haven’t tasted a dose of the level of difficulty in Binibini which may prove to be a daunting task. But the good point of their previous pageants is that they are far easier to remember than the pageant newbies, hence it would be easier for them to gather more following.

So where that leaves the pageant newbies? Unless you are a Katarina Rodriguez caliber, the task might be daunting if you go at it alone. This is where your support system (pageant camp affiliation, fans & followers, and family & friends) play an important role. Katarina seems to be an exception having been a model and no stranger to competition. Her stint at Asia’s Next TopModel can serve as an taste of how fierce the competition may be.
While I have no qualms in having a pageant newbie win, I am more inclined to think that the best possible set of winners may be coming from the crossovers and repeaters in Binibining Pilipinas….especially the BBP repeaters. It takes a strong sense of self and grit to endure the mindgames that can happen to you when competing in Bb Pilipinas, so to do it twice or thrice shows how badly you want it. MJ Lastimosa and Pia Wurtzbach are the perfect examples of that kind of grit and determination. And while it is still early to tell, I see those mostly from the repeaters this year… I hope the crossovers and nebies can prove me wrong though.

BBP2017: a Year for Crossovers & Repeaters


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