The Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show in Germany

Miss Universe President Paula Shugart has been said that the Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show was the one she liked the best. That shouldn’t have been a surprise since even this blogger thinks that show was the best that featured the artistry of our Mindanao women weavers and the creativity of our local designers.

Now, the same dresses are going to be featured in the Internationale Tourismus Boerse (ITB) in Berlin. This is one of the biggest travel show/expo in the world gathering more than 10,000 exhibitors annually from all around the world. The ITB expo will be held between March 8th to the 12th. 
There were six segments of the show representing 6 major weaving traditions of Mindanao: T’boli weaves, then Indigenous cross stitches, Yakan weaves, Tribal weaves of Bukidnon, royal garb of Mandaya tribe and five Inuol ball gowns. Each segment showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Earlier reports by have confirmed that the photos and videos of the Mindanao Tapestry event will be used to promote traditional weaving of the region and will shown in China, Singapore, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom. 



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