Why Hyping Celebs to Join Pageants Isn’t My Cup of Tea

First there was Cindy Kurletto, then there was Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Daza… everytime the Binibining Pilipinas season rolls in these are the names that pageant fans are hyping and dreaming to join. These are the lovely ladies that everyone is hyping to be the next Miss Universe from the Philippines…

Nowadays, the names have changed and they are still the most sought after girls in the Philippine showbiz and modeling world. We have names like Janine Gutierrez, Kelsey Merritt, Max Collins and Liza Soberano flooding social media as fans and pageant groups hype these names to death. While it may attract clicks and raise up statistics, I find that the hype surrounding them to join pageants as not helpful to these ladies at all. 
Here are my reasons why:
1. First off is the fact that these ladies have careers, careers that pays the bills, careers that brings them a sense of fulfillment. Are they willing to give up these careers for the uncertainty of joining and winning a pageant? Are they willing to give up at least a year (or maybe even two) to pursue the beauty pageant route? Not everyone can be a Megan Young who has successfully navigated that perilous journey. How many more Valerie Weigmanns and Catriona Grays are we willing to look for in pursuit of a crown? Not everyone has the same guts of these three ladies…
2. Second is a question of their passion. Are they truly committed to this path or are they just being swept by the frenzy in joining? This is a matter of heart and if their heart is not into it, then no amount of training could make these girls win in the international arena. Ever wondered why  Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines won Miss Universe over more facially stunning girls in Miss Universe? That is because winners want to win badly for the right reasons. It is that same personal motivation that is needed to be successful in this arena.
3. In pageants, nothing is ever handed to you. With showbiz and modeling, you have an entourage to primp you up and make sure you perform at your best. That is not the case in pageants. Your national director, your camp and mentors can prepare you the best they can but when the competition begins, its all you. You alone have to face the judges, walk those runways and perform at every level required. The problem with these ladies is that they might get the shock of their life if they are not aware of the pageant culture they are going up against.
4. With the hype surrounding them, any of the girls are set up to a high standards that they have to match or surpass. The standards are quite so high that only a few could live up to them. It is as if fans are setting them up to fail. If indeed they join and do not live up to the hype surrounding them, then the wolves would eat them up and spit them out before they could even say ‘Miss Philippines’…

So those are why I am not anymore keen on hoping or expecting that any of these girls would join pageants. They have much more to loose than to gain based on their current statuses of their careers.
In the end of the day, I would rather see another girl who wants to compete join the screenings and show up during application day. I have nothing against these hyped girls if they truly want to join pageants but like anybody else they need to prove that they want this badly they are willing to join multiple times just like Pia. That is how they would truly get lasting and genuine support from pageant fans.


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