Why the Filipinos are Among the Most Important Pageant Fans in the World

In our guesting with CNN Philippines’ On the Record: Winning the Crown special, one of the things that the panel have discussed was how the Filipino pageant fans are the best pageant fans there is, if not most spoiled fans in pageantry even. Come to think of it, we are spoiled because we are the best pageant fans…. and why is that? Here are some of my thoughts.

The Filipino pageant fans are:
1. Global Citizens – with the Filipino Diaspora to the four corners of the world, there is a Pinoy pageant fan anywhere you go. There is what you can call the ‘Kabayan’ spirit that exists in most Filipinos abroad, that kinship of sorts anywhere you might possibly be. Geographically diverse/dispersed, that is one of the advantage of the Filipino because there will always be people who will cheer for Miss Philippines in any pageant anywhere she goes.
2. Marketing Machines – the Filipinos are arguably the one nationality whose appetite for social media outlets is the most voracious. Our presence virtually online eclipses any other nationality. And that is huge machinery for marketing and PR thru word of mouth promotions. If the Pinoy fans unite and come together, we can make anyone the trending topic on any social media platform: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (the SocMed Trifecta), even on lesser known Mobstar.
3. Solid Block Voters – we call this the ‘Bayanihan spirit’ that innate urge to help one another simply due to their Filipino roots. And we can do this on a massive scale being global citizens that we are. Just look at how the pageant fans supported Pia Wurtzbach thru online voting or how Filipinos rallied for Catriona Gray on Mobstar (it actually took 2 countries voting for a candidate plus and endorsement of a movie star for Mongolia to beat Catriona via the Mobstar voting). These are proof enough that the Pinoy fans are not to be trifled with.
4. Fair Supporters – bring any pageant to the Philippines and there is a fair chance that other candidates will get support from Filipino fans. In the recently held Miss Universe pageant, you can see that support given to girls from Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Malaysia, Haiti, etc… Each of the girls is given fair share of cheers and applause, all the candidates have to do is to be nice to the fans.

While there is a danger for Filipino fans to be overly boastful and rude, a vast majority are actually passionate and well-mannered. It is my hope that such power and influence isn’t abused. Nevertheless, it would be a huge mistake to ignore such a crowd.
The Philippines is one of the biggest consumer-market of pageants in the world, if not possibly the biggest and loudest both as live audience and online. Those are possibly the main reasons why international pageants love the Philippines so much. It is no wonder that the Miss Universe pageant offered the pageant to be hosted once more in the Philippines this 2017 edition… a pageant loss that the Miss World just let pass. This is perhaps the reason why international pageants could not afford to ignore Philippine reps, because aside from the fact that they come in prepared and ready, they are also backed by the best pageant fans in the world.


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