Are We Ready to Host Miss Universe Again?

The Philippines did a tremendously great job in hosting the recent Miss Universe pageant that the Miss Universe Org offered the Philippines to host the pageant again. The question is: Are We Ready to Host Miss Universe Again?

In a report by ABSCBN, Deprtment of Tourism Seceretary Wanda Teo has confirmed that they were offered to host once again. So if such is the case, why aren’t we grabbing the opportunity once again? I personally think that we are not yet ready to go thru it again immediately after hosting it. Why? Here are my thoughts/ reasons:
1. Time & Logistics – If the Miss Universe 2017 edition is gonna be held in Philippine soil, there isn’t much time to plan it all within the next 8-9 months. That is if we plan to have the 2017 edition done by December of this year. It would be a tremendous burden on the hosting committee to have all preparations done and ironed out before the month of November if they plan to broadcast the pageant before Christmas eve. Who would want to do all those back breaking work?

2. Budget & Finances –  DOT Sec. Teo revealed that Chavit Singson of the LCS Group is willing to foot the bill under the condition that the Philippine government would help in the budget. It is reported that the businessman shelled out $15 million to have the pageant staged from start to finish. If President Duterte is willing to foot the bill then all will be well. However, it is not an easy as that as we have to note that he was unwilling to shell out a single centavo for the previous pageant to be held in the country.
3. Planning & Activities – this will definitely take more time to do as there were a lot of activities during the pageant. With 7,107 islands to choose from, which islands/ provinces should we take the girls again to? Aside from that planning the stage (perhaps this time with a more local flavor added into the stage), setting up sponsors (both local and foreign), finalizing agreements with local and regional partners, setting up shoots and locations, etc… takes proper planning. It is no joke to bring the candidates from the northern-most province to the southern-most island of the Philippines.

DOT Undersecretary Kat de Castro has mentioned that we wouldn’t be hosting the pageant immediately, at least not yet. She hopes that it can come back to Philippine shores in 2020 or 2021 as they need time to recuperate and rest from the unending activity of the pageant. I share her sentiments, we should all just relish the recent pageant and not be too eager to host it once again. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

EDIT (May 22, 12:00am)
With the recent insider rumors going around that the pageant might indeed come back to Philippine shores, I can only sigh as I still feel that we may not be ready yet to host it again in such a short interval. 
However, if the Department of Tourism insists on having it back here, I just hope that no taxpayers money is involved in the endeavor and that the private sector would shoulder the budget once again. I also hope that if this indeed pushes through a ‘Filipino themed’ stage and production be considered.


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