Opportunity Losses of the Miss World Pageant in the Philippines

The Miss Universe pageant has just been finished and I just couldn’t help but wonder if the Miss World organization is thinking of the opportunities they lost had they crowned the Filipina bet last December. We can agree by now that the Miss Universe staging in manila has to be the best pageant (from arrivals, to their provincial visits, to pre-pageant activities to finals) in years. We wonder if this would have been the same treatment Filipinos could have served if the Miss World pageant is held in the Philippines.

Had it been that a second Filipina Miss World was crowned last December, it would have made it easier to have the pageant brought to Philippine shores. Here are the three biggest opportunity losses that the Miss World would have gained:
1. Hosting the MW pageant in the Philippines – had it been that the Miss World org crowned Catriona Gray as Miss World, the hosting in the Philippines would have been more possible. With the recently held Miss Universe pageant in Manila, the MW would have been treated to a wondrous pre-pageant activity and coronation show. The country boasts of 7,107 islands that would have made the pageant proud and exciting to visit for the girls. The candidates would have been treated like royalty and the pageant would have held a strong foothold in the country.
2. A World-Class Production and Show – the Filipinos just love a good show, much more if it is a great one. It may have been easier to bring in talents from abroad, talents that are well-known like Bruno Mars or Nicole Scherzinger. Or since the MW is more traditional in approach, the Philippine Madrigal Singer or the Bayanihan & Ramon Ubusan Dance Troupes would have provided a local flair to the event.
3. The Global Reach & Following of the Filipino Fans – I believe that the Miss World has passed up a huge opportunity in terms of how the Philippines could have promoted the pageant on a global scale that Filipinos around the world would have made possible. I believe this is the biggest loss and the most lasting one.

Water under the bridge, some could say that but it would be a question that could haunt the MWOrg in years to come.

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7 thoughts on “Opportunity Losses of the Miss World Pageant in the Philippines”

  1. Morley instead favored Puerto Rico which might be already on Morley’s calendar as MW host in the future, after the other favored Indonesia’s hosting this year…so, expect a first Indonesian Miss World for 2017…that is Julia’s game! PFFTTT’


  2. the greatest loss is Catriona. Had they crowned her, the Miss World would have had a very compassionate, hardworking, and genuine queen.


    1. Julia is a smart business woman who always play her cards right with the help of her trusted former title holders. If Megan Young could not do it why should the org cast it’s precious blue crown to swine? If it’s hosting the pageant that matter Julia has the backing of various Chinese cities and Indonesia or it can foot the bill of it decides to keep it in London. Filipino fans will always support future reps regardless of how they complain about Catriona losing.


      1. That may be true as well but with the waning popularity of the pageant among fans, it may have lost potential Filipina hopefuls that may want to join the pageant. And with that it is also possible that lesser quality girls maybe fielded into the competition, which may even get lesser support from Filipino fans…


      2. Thank you Michelle. I don’t know what is wrong with all these pageant blogs against the Miss World organization. Miss World is beyond all these things and these guys just can’t go get a life.


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