Spain Drops the Miss World Franchise; To Concentrate on Miss Universe Instead

The National Director of the Miss World pageant in Spain, Guillermo Escobar, had just recently dropped the franchise. In a post released a week ago, the BeMiss Organization (which holds both the Miss Universe and Miss World franchises) informed the public that they have decided not to renew the franchise of the London-based pageant.

Madrid on January 21, 2017
After four years of successful results leading the organization and our country in the Miss Universe and Miss World contests, which have achieved important achievements as several finalists in both contests and the first Miss World crown for Spain in 65 years of history of the contest with Mireia Lalaguna in 2015, Guillermo Escobar, President of BeMiss has decided not to renew license with the Miss World brand to focus all the company’s work and effort of in the Miss Universe pageant. The bag acquired during these intense four years allows BeMiss to assure the greatest importance and international repercussion of the Miss Universe brand, hence this decision, which seeks to guarantee our supporters, signatures, sponsors and of course the candidates their participation in the contest of greater reference and relevance within and outside our borders. We are sure that concentrating all the effort and the tools of our team in a single objective, will be a great step forward to enhance the value of the international beauty pageants and the Miss Universe brand in our country, with the benefit that it Entails for all our collaborators.
Organization BeMiss

Several speculations rose that one of the underlying reasons that the franchise was dropped was the pressure and difficulty in surmounting two national pageants for each international competitions. It can be remembered that the MWOrg required its national franchise holders to hold separate local contest for MW.
This would be the second national director dropping the franchise in just a matter of one month. Previously, Philippine national director Cory Quirino have decided to release the franchise from her and was picked up by Arnold Vegafria instead.


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