Venezuela, Mexico & Brazil: My Latina Queens

These three countries are among the toughest rivals in their part of the world. In fact they are the considered superpowers in the world of pageantry from Latin America.

Kristal Silva has been a personal bias of mine since her participation in Miss Earth in Manila last 2013…amd didn’t I mentioned that she was a top8 finalist that year? The girl has hypnotic eyes and luscious lips. Raissa Santana came to Manila with a bang… from the time she stepped into the country, she has already cemented her place as a favorite for the title. And she hasn’t let that go ever since. Then we have the Hurricane Habach who seems to kill every even she is in. Mariam Habach is a (and I don’t get tired saying this) force to be reckoned with.
Possible spoilers from this group are Nicaragua, Argentina and Colombia. Estefania Bernal of Argentina started to get heads nodding during the swimsuit event in Cebu. Then we have the milk-chocolate perfection of Colombia’s Andrea Tovar, who despite not being on her best physical shape is still a major frontrunner for the title. Marina Jacoby of Nicaragua is also on my list, I still feel that at least a semifinal placement for her is quite possible.
Never underestimate the Latinas as they are guaranteed to always deliver at the crucial moments. I would not have a problem seeing at least 3 of the ladies on my list in the finals.


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