Thank You Isabella Manjon

Whenever Sash Factor and Sashes&Scripts receives help from people around us, we strive to make sure we show appreciation and our gratitude. Today is a post of just that: gratitude.

When we were struck by the untimely passing away of a beloved friend, it would have been difficult to claim the tickets he bought for the final had it not for the help of people close to us. The tickets through our Sash Factor Head, Larry Elima were given as a continuance of the yearly tradition to watch the pageant live. Those tickets were given to us for the Miss Universe pageant in Manila. 
But this would not have been possible had it not been for the extremely gracious help extended to us of former Binibining Pilipinas Isabella Manjon, who thru her work connections was able to work around the SOPs on the ticket claiming. Our ticket was purchased for us by our dearly departed friend and his credit cards could not be brought to MOA for verification. The lovely beauty queen waited with our head Sir Brix Vera until the tickets were actually printed out and handed over to him. Now that is truly touching.

We will never forget this touching gesture by Isabella, especially in this time when we are mourning. You truly a one of a kind Binibini… 


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