Sashes&Scripts’ Best Glamshot Pics

The glamshots have been released and we pick the best 12. These picks are gonna be a bit unpopular as it does not feature a lot of the preconceived frontrunner but read through the commentary as you will get to understand why these are the best…

We reveal them in reverse order:
12. Israel, Yam Kaspers Anshel – she gave good face despite the hair covering most of it. Intense eyes.
11. Colombia, Andrea Tovar – great shot of those long neck and fine chiseled jaws. Not a fan of the open mouth though.
10. Australia, Caris Tiivel – Victoria’s Secret beckons! The girl knows how to be photographed.
9. Slovenia, Lucija Potocnik – surprisingly one of the best blonde pics. Loved the sharp angles created by the cheekbones and chin.
8. Indonesia, Kezia Warouw – gave good face but looks pleading in the eyes, need to look more self-assured.
7. Nicaragua, Marina Jacoby – the best face among the Latinas. Loved her pic better if she smirked or did a full-on pout.

6. Germany, Johanna Acs – she knows her angles and her signature wide pout works everytime. Would have placed higher if she showed more neck.
5. Japan, Sari Nakazawa – perfect Asian face! Eyes, cheekbones, jawline, neck…all check in her photo.
4. Kosovo, Camila Barraza – looks intense in her glamshot. Photographs well.
3. Malaysia, Kiran Jassal – perfect look in this pic. Eyes are sexy and the noseline is well defined. Would have been better if the shoulders are arched stronger.
2. Philippines, Maxine Medina – her experience as a commercial model shows. Nailed this shot with an ‘S’ curve…face, cheeks, chin, neck, shoulder and hair are in great position.
1. Kenya, Mary Esther Were – her shot is simply perfection! Dramatic and very impactful. Best photo of the batch, no doubt.


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