Exclusive Interview with Miss Universe Italy, Sophia Sergio

Her name alone is a throwback to the lovely Sofia Loren and this year’s Miss Universe Italy is as beautiful as the eternal city itself.
Sophia Sergio is one of the most underrated beauties in the competition, which is surprising because she has one of the most beautiful faces reminiscent of the old-world Hollywood glamour of the 60’s.

1. In three sentences, how would you describe yourself?
2. Why do you think you should be the next Miss Universe?
Because I would love to be a point of reference and to give support, strength and courage to everyone, everywhere in the world…
3. What are the charitable causes you want to highlight and how do you bring more awareness to them?
Breast cancer awareness and research… It’s a cause that feel very close with because my mom has been through this ordeal.
4. What are you most proud about your country & why?
[The fact that] Italian blood runs through my veins. The “made in Italy” tag is famous and recognized all over the world and I am proud to represent that sense of pride in this contest…. my city, my country and all the Italian people.

5. Who is/ are the role model/s you look up to and why?
My mom is my example of life, she is a really strong woman who taught me to never give up in life.
6. What do you think is the relevance of the Miss Universe pageant in this day and age?
[It is relevant still because] the Miss Universe pageant celebrates diversity. In this competition, everyone has a different origin, culture, traditions and customs and each one has something special [to offer].
7. What was the most difficult part of your training for the pageant?
I believe that during my training I have improved in many things… probably one of the most challenging [for me] is the catwalk (pasarela) as a beauty queen. (Editor’s Note: The pasarela quite differs from the traditional catwalk as there is less arm movement and more focus on the garment for the fashion catwalking.)
8. What is your message to your fans and ask for support in the coming competition…
I would love to give to my fans all my positive energy, I hope that you follow and support me because I would like to share [this experience] with you every single moment.

That’s Miss Universe Italy, Sophia Sergio for you. Confident, smart, opinionated and beautiful…confidently beautiful, that is.


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