Hurricane Habach: Continuously Gaining Momentum

Mariam Habach is a force to reckon with and to call her Hurricane Habach is an understatement. Back in 2015, I had predicted her to come out as the runaway winner of her batch to which she did with her killer stage performance. Now she is still killing the Miss Universe competition with an impeccable performance so far.

She is of Middle-Eastern descent and stands at a towering 6’0”. The lady from the Venezuelan state of Lara has kept on getting sponsor awards in several legs of the competition. Winning Miss Flawless and the Phoenix sponsor awards is just tip of the iceberg for this blonde bombshell. Mariam first tasted us with a glimpse of what to expect from her during the Philippine terno event in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Personally, she was one of those that truly stood out among the 19 ladies invited. Then she followed that up with a smashing swimsuit presentation in Cebu, where even pageant connoisseur Jonas Gaffud saying that she has the best bod in the group. But Hurricane Habach showed no signs of slowing down as she smashed another round at the recently held Mindanao textile fashion event in Davao.

Keep your eyes glued on this lady as we can expect more from her. Hurricane Habach is going to keep getting intense every minute.


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