Cory Quirino: Farewell to a Crown

Quit while you are ahead, that seems to have been Cory Quirino’s mantra handling the Miss World Philippines franchise. After six successful years of successive placements in the pageant ( a winner, a runner up and 4 placements in Miss World plus a runner up finish in Mister World), the health and wellness guru have finally bid adieu to the pageant.

While some may have speculated that the recent pageant’s results could have been the culprit in her decision, she explained thru a statement via ABS-CBN her reasons. She says that all she wanted was to bring the elusive blue crown to the Philippines. It took more than 40 years (since the Philippines first participated in the pageant) to finally win in 2013 with Megan Young. The former MWP National Director can finally say, “Mission Accomplished”. A portion if the news report follows: She said she now has “the peace of mind knowing the job was done, the goal was met. I bid farewell to Miss World. I treasured my journey with Miss World PH. My singular pursuit was to win the elusive blue crown of Miss World in order to make millions of pageant fans happy. And it was done. All our winners have placed in Miss World. We have gained prominence and respect. This, too, was our contribution to Philippine tourism.”

Now that she is no longer part of Miss World Philippines, Quirino said she will shift her focus to her national wellness advocacy “to make our fellow countrymen return to natural health and healing. It is time to move on.”
With the franchise passed on to Arnold Vegafria of ALV Talent Circuit, the search for the next Miss World Philippines and Mister World Philippines could be held in separate pageants (previous reps to Mr World being handpicked or casted). It is rumored that finally, the Mister World Philippines will be selected via a separate pageant.



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