Something for Maxine’s Supporters & Bashers Alike

I have been inundated lately with a number of posts on social media regarding Maxine Medina’s chances at winning Miss Universe. In fact I have answered that question a hundred times already. 

With the lashing she has received on social media and Facebook fanpages, I thought there ought to be someone to pacify the Pinoy fans. First and foremost that needs addressing is the criticism that Maxine lacks energy in her latest events, from the swimsuit presentation in Cebu to the recent Rise against Hunger event. Here is a fact for you guys, Maxine doesn’t need to always be ‘On’ 24/7. In fact I believe that she is reserving her energies on the areas that matter and to ask her to always be ‘switched on’ will drain her of her energies and throw her off her gameplan. Her performance at the swimsuit presentation in Cebu looks to have been held back so as not to spoil her presentation come prelims. Another point of contention is her speaking skills. Being able to speak English fluently is not a gauge of high intellect, in fact there are several types of intelligence…some are born with musicality, visual acumen, speech, emotional perceptiveness, etc… Allow her to be comfortable in whatever language she likes to use and she will win you over with her charm. A trait not commonly found in most. 
Most of pageant fans are expecting too much because Maxine is being bench-marked with her predecessor (quite unfairly if you ask me). I have been privvy to some information that Maxine is yet to reveal her cards at the most opportune moment, so we should just wait, relax and let her deliver. 

To put the final nail on the coffin, I will reiterate what I have said numerous times: winning a back to back title at your hometurf is extremely difficult, but not impossible… I believe that Maxine has extremely high chances of landing into the top 5 and that is where the battle will begin to make top 3. I hold high hopes for Maxine.

And oh by the way, if I have an advice for Maxine that would be this: Stop giving a f*ck on what other people think and enjoy the experience. Because when you stop taking sh*t from other people, that is is when you start being more comfortable in your own skin. You do not owe anyone a d@mn thing, so do your thing baby gurl! ^_^


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