65th Miss Universe 4th SashPicks (The Post-Arrival SashPicks)

After the fittings and registrations, Terno event in Vigan and the fun trip to Boracay, these are the girls in Sash Factor’s 4th SashPicks (The Post-Arrival SashPicks)…

1. Thailand, Chalita Suansane
2. Indonesia, Kezia Warouw
3. Venezuela, Mariam Habach
4. Colombia, Andrea Tovar
5. US Virgin Islands, Carolyn Carter
6. Sierra Leone, Hawa Kamara
7. Philippines, Maxine Medina
8. Jamaica, Isabel Dalley
9. Germany, Johanna Acs
10. Italy, Sophia Sergio
11. Brazil, Raissa Santana
12. Canada, Siera Bearchell
13. USA, Deshauna Barber
14. Turkey, Tansu Sila Cakir
15. Kenya, Mary Esther Were


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