MAC Cosmetics and the (Ms) Universe

Sash Factor is proud to have tie ups with global beauty brand M.A.C. Cosmetics, this year’s official makeup sponsor, for a taste of the behind the scenes of the 65th Miss Universe pageant!

M·A·C is proud to be the official makeup sponsor of the Miss Universe competition again this year (they were the official makeup brand several years ago), and it is with their expert team of highly trained and professional makeup artists that will make 80+ of the world’s most beautiful women even more beautiful! It’s an all-Filipino cast for the makeup team via MAC Cosmetics Philippines and they have showcased in an earlier event their skills and capabilities to handle such a global event.

Our correspondents behind the scene of the fittings and registration are amazed at the MAC team that are doing the girl’s faces, truly professionally done indeed. Now here’s the juicy news, these are some of the girls that our correspondents mentioned to us as girls who look marvelous even without makeup on:
Turkey – Tansu Sila Cakir
Brazil – Raissa Santana
Ukraine – Alena Spodynyuk
Argentina – Estefanía Bernal
ussia – Yuliana Korolkova
Curacao – Chanelle de Lau
Belgium – Stephanie Geldhof
Singapore – Cheryl Chou
Netherland – Zoey Ivory
Mexico – Kristal Silva
Australia – Caris Tiivel
Sierra Leone’s Hawa Kamara was also among the girls that were talked about in the makeup room… Stay tuned for more updates and commentaries as the pageant unfolds…


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