65th Miss Universe Spotlight and Assessment: Australia

Name: Caris Tiivel
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5’10”
Rating: Crown Contender
This is a girl to watch out for coz she is a major threat! She is definitely MU material but she needs to bring more ‘game’ into it. Should she want the title, she really needs to show she works hard to it. Tall, gorgeous and lovable, Caris brings a certain youthful energy that most Aussie girls bring to MU. She is very likeable but needs to work on her ‘presence’, if she does that the Miss Universe crown is hers for the taking and I see the DIC crown possibly on her head.

Miss Universe profile bio:
Caris Tiivel hails from the Western Australian city, Perth. Caris’ talent and passions lie in the arts, where she has been recognized for over five years. Whether she is creating something on canvas or making something to model down a runway, she is always inventing new ways to express herself. Caris works closely with children who are in need through fundraising, functions, and mentorship programming. By competing at Miss Universe, she wants the world to know what and who she stands for.

* Profile from http://www.missuniverse.com


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