65th Miss Universe Pre-Arrival SashPicks

In this third round of SashPicks, the Sash Factor correspondents and beauty experts have voted ladies as the possible shakers and movers of the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

1. Philippines – Maxine Medina, 5’8”, her latest round of photo-releases is just testament to her competitiveness.
2. USA – Deshauna Barber, 5’10”,  one of the few ladies who are relentless in the SashPicks. She seems to be the girl that is most likely be the main threat.
3. Colombia – Andrea Tovar, 5’11”, still one of the major contenders for the title. Try to deny all you want but she is expected to do great in the competition.
4. Australia – Caris Tiivel, 5’10”, one of the best faces in the competition. Australia has done consistently well and we won’t be surprised if she brings down the hose with the 3rd title for Australia.
5. Thailand – Chalita Suansane, 5’7”, also gunning for the 3rd title for her country. This spitfire will be one of the girls that will make an impression.
6. Venezuela – Mariam Habach, 6’0”
7. Brazil – Raissa Santana, 5’9”
8. Malaysia – Kiran Jassal, 5’7”
9. Mexico – Kristal Silva, 5’10”
10. France – Iris Mittenaere, 5’8”
11. Indonesia – Kezia Warouw, 6’0”
12. Ukraine – Alena Spodynyuk, 5’10”
13. Canada – Sierra Bearchell, 5’9”
14. Sierra Leone – Hawa Kamara, 5’7”
15. Curacao – Chanelle de Lau, 5’11”

The ladies are expected to arrive between the 12 and 14th of January and the heat is about to peak up once the girls are all in the Philippines to compete.


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