65th Miss Universe Spotlight and Assessment: Indonesia

Name: Kezia Warouw
Age: 25 years old
Height: 6’0”
Rating: Dark Horse
She has a good pasarela as well as good body proportions that she can work to her advantage. I hope that she finds the right look for her as this is important in the competition. In her recent photoshoots, she looks a bit ‘washed out’… a bit too pale. I still think she would look better with a tan but I have to leave that to her handlers. Kezia needs to showcase a better personality as well but nevertheless I still see her making into the semis.

Miss Universe profile bio:
‘Keke’, formally known as Kezia Roslin Cikita Warouw, is a humble yet wise girl who wants to inspire many young women around the world. Keke got her degree in Informatics Engineering and later became employed and held the position Head of Accounting and Finance. On top of juggling her school work and her career, she began volunteering for Smile Train Indonesia. In the future, she hopes to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS for young children and women. Rarely tall for an Indonesian woman, Keke is ready to use height and her past experiences as an advantage in the upcoming Miss Universe Competition.
* Profile from http://www.missuniverse.com


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