Lu Sierra: The Pageant Coach Extraordinaire

If there is one runway coach that knows how to make you turn heads, that would be Lu Sierra, the supermodel that have walked the shows of designers like Balmain, Givenchy, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, and Bob Mackie.

Nowadays, she is known to the pageant world as the runway coach to the Miss Universe organization who is a huge presence in all of its three pageants (Miss USA & Miss Teen USA included). On my personal experience during MU rehearsals you know when Lu is onstage despite being a couple of hundred of feet away. She knows how to fill a stage by her mere presence and it is that presence that she teaches the girls during the entire rehearsal process. Lu has been designated to be the girl who is always crowned when the winner among the top 2 is announced during rehearsals. She is also one who gives directions to the girls when they are lost on how to present themselves during the video shoot at the national costume show.

Personality, Presence and Poise… those are the things that Lu is bringing into the Miss Universe hopefuls, teaching the art of confidence. With her work with the Miss Universe org for a decade now (she started in 2007), she continues to awe and inspire countless pageant girls. And finally Manila will get to see a glimpse of her working her magic in the 65th Miss Universe.


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